Solomon is currently a student at Skyline High School.

On March 14th, at 10:00 AM, students across the country walked out to show solidarity for the 17 teachers and students massacred at the Marjory Stoneman-Douglas High School, their lives were taken prematurely using an AR-15— a semi-automatic weapon. Yet, even after this massacre, no substantial action has been taken by the government. It was for this reason that we students marched.

We marched for action.

We marched to be heard.

We marched for change.

This is exactly what America needs right now. Change.

Already in 2018, there have been 2,882 gun deaths in America (Gun Violence Archive). That means that more than 2,882 families had their entire lives changed with just the slight pull of a trigger. The gun is both very deadly and very easy to use. Deaths by suicide are on the rise in America. In fact, it is the most prevalent form of gun violence (Brady Campaign). This is not only because we are more depressed, or even more suicidal, but because we have easy access to more lethal guns. 90% of suicide attempts with a gun end in death. Meanwhile, more than 90% of suicide attempts without a gun will survive (Everytown). This gives people time to reconsider their lives. But with guns, there is hardly any time. It’s just one pull and then nothing. There is no time to reconsider their choices. Because of the lack of gun reform in America, more people will continue to take their own lives. They will also continue to take other people’s lives.

The amount of mass shootings we have in America is insane. There have been close to 100 mass shootings since 1985 in America (Mother Jones). There is no reason why we should keep having to endure these atrocities. America is one of the only first world countries that have this much gun violence (CNN). It is also one of the only first world countries that do not have a hard form of gun control. Australia, Japan, and the UK all have forms of gun control that work (CNN). Many people try to say that we can’t compare America to the other countries. This notion is utter garbage. If there are fewer guns available to the public, there will be fewer guns used to kill. Period.

There is no valid reason to be against stricter gun control in America. The amount of suicides and homicides and mass shootings that can be carried out with the current gun laws is unimaginable. There needs to be something done to combat it. And that’s exactly what we will do. We, young people, have the power to advocate for change. We can make a difference. We must make a difference. We can no longer be complacent. We are the change this nation needs. Our generation will make a positive change in our country and in our world.